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Let Us Bring Your Words To Life


How we do it..

The seamless process for you.

We've made our service as easy as possible for you.

Go to our Order Your Envelope page,  click to checkout and your Passing Notes envelope arrives within 3-5 days.

The envelope contains a Postage Paid Envelope and a Delivery Schedule Form which you fill in.

Simply write the *Name, Address and Delivery Date for each letter on the form and place it back in the postage paid envelope along with your addressed letters or cards.

Seal it and have your post person pick it up!

That's it!

From there, it is in our secure hands. 

We catalog each letter and store them in our secure, confidential facility.

Then, on the day specified by you, Passing Notes will affix a **small label on the back of each letter being mailed and your loved one receives it on time!

Transparency and Privacy

* Passing Notes will never disclose the recipients information to anyone at anytime. 

* * The small label on the back of each letter signifies our part in process and our release of any liability of its contents. (because... who knows...you may want to have the last word).